Criagslist Now Charging Dealers

craigslist, charge fee to car dealers

craigslist, charge fee to car dealers


Craigslist has decided to charge car dealers $5.00 per post! Was this their plan all along to give it to you free for a few years then hit you over the head with a fee to profit off of your potential sales before they call or walk in the door? Let me tell you this a lot less dealers are posting! It went from 3-4 pages of post from dealers by 9am to half a page after they started to charge. Looking at it in light, could it be a good thing? Lots of dealers post vehicles they don’t have or have someone else post it for them in a effort to not be traced should something go wrong or the car is part of some sort of scam. Craigslist is a great way to sale anything but cars, unless your a private seller and not a dealer. Maybe Jim Buckmaster met a car dealer and they discussed his monetary gain from being in the business. So lets break down the math and see if it makes sense to pay the fee to Craigslist. 

Cars For sale: 75

Craigslist listing fees: $5.00

Total: $375

Total sales people posting ad’s : 4

Total : $1,500.00

Grand total monthly: $45,000 a month to post on Craigslist like car dealers were doing before.



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